Designs Guidelines to Customize Logo Flooring Mats

The entry mat is the primary interaction point that customers and visitors have upon entering your commercial or business shop. It’s the first thing they see directly. They are prone to make judgments without thinking about the business they are dealing with and if you’re providing poor quality mats, the hard work you put into providing an the best customer experience is ruined.

Entrance mats work as an empty canvas that lets you convey an idea. You can use them to serve two functions for two reasons:

  1. Encourage the safety and hygiene
  2. Brand awareness and brand recognition through the logo of your business

WaterHog™ Drainable Border Outdoor Mats with logos are getting more popular in the world of business to help build brand awareness. The custom-designed entrance mats reflect your brand’s image and show how focused your company is with regards to specifics. They create an impression of confidence with a fervent customer. In addition, it conveys that your customers are treated with the same attentiveness and care. Ultimate Mats has been helping companies design logo mats that look professional and make an unquestionably positive first impression to clients who visit your establishment or shopfront.


Guidelines for design customizing floor mats with logos

The three primary priorities to consider when creating logo mats for floors are:

  1. Visibility – In addition to a proper positioning It is essential to make sure that your flooring mat is accessible. Keep in mind that the image needs clarity, clear and big.
  2. Messages – What you include to your custom logo mat must be able to convey a message that’s always in line with your company’s brand.
  3. Visual Floor mats – The design must be appealing visually So, select the correct images and fonts, colors, and also print quality.

Strategies to achieve the ideal floor mat style

Consistent color scheme

Color schemes of various shades are a great way to catch the attention of the audience, however consistency is essential. Similar to the efforts you put into the design of interiors, letterheads, business cards or even building signs.

The same elements of design along with the same color scheme and logo are utilized to promote brands. The same is true for your logo mats. your customized logo mats be required to match this uniform branding image, and not stick out. To create a distinctive visual effect, you can swap the logo’s color and that of the background!


Do you wish to print vertically or horizontally? Are you planning to put your floor mat in the entryway that is wide or will it be used to decorate the hallway? Keep in mind that for the former horizontal prints are the best as opposed to portraits, which are ideal for prints that face the hallway.

Avoid clutter

A lot of clutter can hinder the attention of viewers and your goal of creating an impact on the viewer will be unsuccessful. It’s not a requirement to keep the entire site boring and dull. Choose a single image viewer you that is focused on something like a the name of the brand or logo or an inviting message. Other components that complement the primary design should be easy to understand and bring it to the forefront.

Colors that stand out catch the eye

Select a color scheme that compliments each other. Keep in mind that colors belonging to the same family mix with each other and sharp ones are a mess and create a chaotic appearance.


Simply picking a great style is not enough. The final result will be contingent on the mat’s quality and the method of printing selected. The mat’s material must be tough, slip-resistant, and easy to maintain.

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