How to Sell Ringtones Online and Collect Royalties?

The creation and sale of ringtones is a great way to earn some additional income. It is an interesting money-making tool for all those who are fond of music. The method to upload and sell ringtones on popular music stores is quite easy. Music artists can either create their ringtone or modify the popular musical creation of someone else.

This post will tell you ways to create and sell a ringtone easily online.

What Is A Ringtone?

The introduction of cell phones has led to the rise of a varied range of ringtones in the past few years. It is one of the ways to personalize the phone. A ringtone is a type of audio, that can be either music recordings or the catchiest part of the famous song. It comprises of a popular musical tune with various bars. The ideal duration of a ringtone is less than 30 seconds.

This short-audio file is played to indicate an incoming call. Add distinctive musical mixes, sound combinations, messages, and audio effects to create compelling ringtones and sell them. Such impressive ringtones are an influential way for budding artists to enhance the visibility of the work. If you want to know how to sell ringtones online, then read the article till the end.

Method to Make A Ringtone on Your Own

The method of ringtone creation, distribution, and sale is simple and easy. You would need a digital aggregator or software for the conversion of music into ringtones. Online music aggregators offer a remarkable platform to sell ringtones to popular music stores and streaming services such as Google Play, iTunes, Deezer, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal, etc.

  • Examine the preferences of people with respect to ringtones.
  • If you are creating ringtones using popular songs by other music artists then you should get the owner’s authorization/approval. Talk to the licensing firm to prevent any violation of the copyright rule.
  • Download and install the best quality voice recording software and audio editing software.
  • Upload your music tunes and modify them in the software.
  • Make your account on the ringtone sales database.
  • Next, start a website or a blog to upload ringtones.
  • Advertise your blog through social media channels. It will help popularize your blog and bring new people to it. The more visitors your blog/website gets, the higher will be the sales of your ringtones.

How does Online Music Distribution Platforms Help in Making Money?

Music artists that have a wonderful ringtone should look for places that are widely visited by music fans worldwide. These places will help them get ample exposure from their already existing fan base. It helps users attract music fans, and distribute their ringtones to a million phones all across the world.

Several platforms can help you upload and sell your ringtones. Music Digi is one of those trusted and convenient platforms that let users reach a million smartphones instantly and easily. Digital Music Distribution Service helps users upload music to iTunes in less than 24 hours and make earnings from its sale.

Music Digi is a reliable and popular ringtone distribution service that assists music artists to convert music into ringtones. It is used by musicians all over the world to position their music in online music stores and streaming services.

  • All you need is to create a MusicDigi account and upload your music file and cover art.
  • The platform automatically delivers your ringtones to the iTunes store.
  • This service is available at a nominal fee
  • Users are paid every month based on the sale of their ringtones. The money earned will be directly deposited into their MusicDigi account.
  • Users get 100% rights on their work.
  • The service collects payments and royalties and sends them to artists.
  • By uploading their music on the platform, users get benefitted from enormous publicity, expansion of fan base, and money satisfaction. It gives a boost to their career.


If you are passionate about creating music then creating and selling digital goods such as ringtones, and songs could be the best way to generate money. Do not expect overnight from this marketing method. It is advised to stay patient and be consistent in your efforts. Social media websites have a broad fan base that can help you get ample exposure from their vast fan base and earn their loyalty.

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