How to Become an Expert at Anything

There is no time like the present to begin building a foundation of knowledge that will soon have you emerging as an expert in your field of study.

Be Curious

The first stone to pave in the path to excellence is that of curiosity. By asking questions and being open to wonder and exploration, your knowledge will grow far beyond that of your counterparts. To quote the great Robert Kennedy,“Some men see things as they are, and ask why. I dream of things that never were, and ask why not.”

If necessity is the mother of invention, then curiosity can adequately be dubbed its father. By thinking outside the box you can not only deepen your understanding of a given field, but form the ideas and processes that change it for the better. Like Benjamin Franklin putting his curiosity for electricity into practice, you never know when lighting may strike, on your journey to answer one question you may discover an entirely new phenomenon. So keep an open mind, and keep learning and asking. 

Be Cooperative

Next, it is important to realize that you can’t do it on your own. Working with others will be the best and most complete way to help you expand your prowess. Benefiting from the expertise of current industry experts will be invaluable as you endeavor to one day, rank among them.  Attending a tech seminar, participating in a peer mentoring program, or enrolling in local classes at the nearby university or chamber of commerce, are all great ways to gain knowledge from those who know your area of study best. 

There is the wonderful paradigm that in teaching you end up learning. As you pay it forward and share the information you are gaining, you will open your life up to infinitely more opportunities to hone your craft. By being able to answer the hard questions, find a new approach to communicating your concept, or teaching a novice how to appreciate your interest, you will gain an invaluable experience. As you network with others your reputation will continue to grow, and when colleagues consider you the person to go to for answers, you will know that you have become an expert in your industry. 

Be Patient

Finally, it is important to be patient. Great achievements don’t happen over night, and neither will your rise to expert status. Even the best tech seminars in the world can’t instantly upgrade you from amateur to expert in one day, so give it time and realize that your journey is an important part of your destination. 

Read blogs, subscribe to industry newsletters, work with a peer mentor, attend a tech seminar, and never quit learning. All true experts will be the first to admit that there is still more they want to learn, and that hunger, that drive, is what helped them achieve greatness in the first place.

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