Is It Possible to Get Protection from Flu or Other Viruses by Wearing Masks?

In the year 2009, when swine flu started spreading in the country and the availability of vaccine was limited then people were advised to wear a facial mask.

Therefore, in the present times when corona virus has become a pandemic and doctors are still clueless about its treatment, people have again started wearing facial masks. In fact, now there is shortage of 3 Ply masks.

However, the question is can we really prevent this kind of new flu like COVID-19, by wearing a facial mask?

What is expert’s opinion?

According to many experts, by covering your mouth and nose, you can help prevent the spread of COCID-19 viruses too. According to them one must frequently clean their hands and maintain a social distance and also wear a mask while interacting with others.

All health care personnel must compulsorily use better quality of masks, since they have to remain close to various patients while treating them.

Even if you are a patient, you must wear such mask so that people around you may remain protected from you.

Mask helps to some extent as per study

Initially, scientists were not too sure whether wearing protective masks can really help in containing the virus of present type of flu. However, with the recent studies it has been proved that masks can really help.

They also observed that if a person can maintain better personal hygiene and also wear mask, then it will prove to be useful.

Few different masks type

If you want to protect yourself from either getting affected or spreading the virus then depending upon your work, you can choose any of the following few types of facial masks.

  • Surgical type face masks

This kind of masks is often used by doctors and dentists when they treat their patients. They can prevent the larger droplets which may escape either from nose or mouth.

If someone sneezes or coughs then it will not allow spreading the droplets on the people around.

However, experts recommend that special masks must be used with fine mesh so that even a small microorganism should not spread out. Also, the masks must be worn in a correct manner.

  • Respirators

Other masks known as N95 respirator mask, which is little advanced version of the above and it can filter 95 percent of the airborne particle and hence it has been named so.

Respirators are considered to be more effective as compared to surgical type of face masks.

  • Coverings with cloth face mask

Such cloth made face masks are also available in the market, which may not be as much effective as the above two kinds of masks, but one can wear such masks to prevent transmitting these viruses in the community.

People can also make such masks in their home and wear them. However, children below 2 years should not wear such masks as they can have breathing problem.

Face masks can give you some amount of protection, but they are not the only means to protect yourself. You must also maintain your personal hygiene and keep your hands sanitized time to time.

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